Microphone Spark vs Yeti

Blue Yeti Vs. Blue Spark comparison 2020

General Comparison for Yeti Vs. Spark Microphones

Both at the amateur level and for more professional users, there are more and more audio recordings that are uploaded to different music platforms in the form of a podcast. In this case we are going to give some practical advice for those who are deciding between the Blue Yeti Vs. Blue Spark family of microphones via simple comparison.

On the type of microphone to use, we have to say, this does not have to be too demanding. Mainly a computer, a microphone and headphones are enough.

The microphone is better than a condenser type (pick up the sound more accurately). For example when performing a basic Blue Yeti Vs. Blue Spark comparison:

The Blue Yeti is so sensitive that can pick almost any sound; which can be canceled by correctly positioning the device. The Blue Spark has a sweeter deal that some called focus control that allows for tonal (pitch) characters switch.

Cost Concern on this Yeti Vs. Spark comparison

As an important base on the Blue Microphones Yeti Vs. Blue Microphones Spark Comparison, Price was the reason to be inclined for Yeti while the functionality and performance went to Spark.

This is a major problem for anyone who buys a microphone. In general, the higher the cost, the better the microphone, but it is not always the case.

However, in general, manufacturers of high-end microphones such as Yeti, Spark and the like have many excellent microphones to offer.

For more budget-oriented purchases, other brands are available and can offer excellent value. but we are here focusing on the Blue Yeti Vs. Blue Spark comparison.

Basic Requirements

The Blue Microphones Yeti Vs. Spark comparison is about the same when it comes to functionality.

When buying a microphone, it is necessary to ensure that it meets the current requirements, and possibly some in the future. Investing in a good microphone will usually be money well spent.

Sometimes, economizing can be convenient in the short term, but not satisfactory in the long term. It must also be taken into account that in some microphones, an audio interface such as the Behringer UM2  or a Phantom 48v must be used .

The Most Popular  –  Blue Microphone Yeti

Yeti is one of the most popular USB podcast microphones you’ll see on the market and for good reasons.

We believe that it will dominate the niche for a few more years, until some really come to compete with it in terms of overall quality, construction, as well as style. Some might say that there is no equivalence in the market for the price and functionality.

With the Yeti, in the Blue Microphones you can choose between four different capsules (stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional or bidirectional)

For podcasting cardioide is recommended, however, if we say you have a guest, you can choose omnidirectional to capture the front and back .

It provides us with a headphone jack inside the microphone, a USB port, an easy tilt mechanism to adjust it forward, and ultimately has a semi-professional audio quality.

If what you want is a USB microphone for your desktop or laptop computer, don’t just follow, but stop here and choose the blue Yeti USB microphone.

The Contender  –  Blue Microphone Spark

Blue Microsoft Spark, in contrast, is a studio quality condenser microphone that is so powerful that you will need an external power source to use it.

If you are extremely serious about your gaming or podcasting, this will give you some of the best sound quality, especially if you complement it with a sound suit so you can adjust the gain, FX, and more to help you decide on the Yeti Vs. Spark comparison.

You can also go with a cheaper simple phantom power supply, but an audio interface gives you a much wider versatility.

Anyway, the grace is that it also comes with a wooden box, custom shock mount, as well as anti pop filter, you will only need a support for it. If you take the Blue Spark Condenser Mic microphone, you’ll notice.

It does have a softer output, just slightly better than Yeti but not for that much of a difference.

This is the end of our article about these two contenders and the basic Yeti Vs. Spark comparison, remember to share it so you can help more users who need it a clean and to the point review without the technicalities.